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Sale and Reliable Resilient Flooring in Alexandria, VA

Generally-speaking, resilient flooring is a floor type that is made from elastic materials. We traditionally install them in environments that require specialized floor surfaces to prevent injury or keep things sanitized. The CCA Commercial Floors & Interiors sales division sells innovative resilient floors to schools, hospitals, physical therapy clinics, gyms, and more. For high-quality, environmentally-friendly resilient flooring in Alexandria, VA, call CCA Commercial Floors & Interiors today.

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Our Team Sells a Variety of Resilient Floor Varieties

CCA Commercial Floors & Interiors offers several resilient flooring options. Each provides additional protections for specialized and potentially-dangerous environments, as well as for environmentally-conscious customers. While we have a stellar collection of products for these kinds of environments, these are some of our most popular:


Linoleum floors deliver numerous benefits to commercial property owners, including durability, affordability, and versatility. Most importantly, the linoleum is very environmentally-friendly. We install them in a variety of commercial environments.


As a property owner, you’re potentially liable for any injuries that happen on the premises. Anti-slip floors provide additional protection for your employees and customers.

Recycled Rubber

Recycled rubber is eco-friendly and perfect for businesses that require anti-slip mats – like restaurants, gyms, and production centers. CCA Commercial Floors & Interiors has got your recycled rubber mat needs covered.


CCA Commercial Floors & Interiors sells and installs various antimicrobial floors in a variety of applications, including hospitals, food production centers, and schools.

CCA Commercial Floors & Interiors Offers Free Consultations

In addition to providing environmentally-conscious, safe resilient flooring, CCA Commercial Floors & Interiors delivers a wide range of floor solutions to commercial clients throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, and the greater Washington, DC-area. Our team is trusted for hardwood, carpet, and ceramic floor installation, among many others. To learn more, give CCA Commercial Floors & Interiors a call today.

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