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CCA Executes Projects from Single-Family Homes to Multi-Million Dollar Government and Commercial Spaces

CCA has the resources to manage your project. Whether it is using our expertise to design and execute your home or if you are looking for a partner in project management for multi-year projects, CCA has the team and over 40 years of experience to eliminate obstacles and help make your job a success.

We Serve a Broad Spectrum of Project Types

CCA Commercial Floors & Interiors provides services to industries and buildings of all types. More importantly, we deliver efficient project management from design through installation that allows you and your team to focus on your day-to-day activities or other trades. Some examples include:

Corporate Office

We provide flooring solutions for multi-functional corporate offices. We match products to functional spaces to make your business more productive for your team and more appealing to clients.

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Our team provides an accurate free estimate and then stays on budget, all while installing gorgeous ceramic and stone floors in courthouse entryways, visually-appealing carpet in the DMV offices, and environmentally-conscious specialty flooring throughout your building.

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As a township-level administrator or a facilities manager for large university, you have to balance safety, looks, and longevity in facilities construction. We install modular carpet with easily-removed panels, resilient flooring for gymnasiums, and stone and ceramic in lobbies.

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You want your hotel to be visually stunning. You also need it to be durable. Your building experiences an extraordinary amount of foot traffic. We can handle carpet and hardwood flooring installation, plus install access floors in your conference rooms.

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You need durable, but easily-cleaned surfaces in your hospital. Laminate floors are up to the task. Your physical therapy clinic needs soft mats to facilitate patient recovery. Regardless of your facility’s needs, we offer it.

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From Kitchen and living spaces to baths and common areas, we have the products and management to meet your project budget, style and schedule.

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Property Management

Your job is to ensure your property is always full. To do that, you need to ensure each walking surface in your building is installed to last. You also want it to be aesthetically pleasing. Hardwood floors, specialty surfaces, and high-quality carpets all get the job done.

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CCA Commercial Floors & Interiors installs the flooring of all kinds in high-quality condominiums. From carpet to real hardwood, we make sure your condos never lack for tenants or owners.

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Single Family Homes

With a limitless supply of options, CCA customized your design to your style, covering your entire home in materials that suit your taste and functionality of your space.

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Whether your home or office is damaged by flood, fire or other event, CCA will work to ensure we ease your challenges and work to execute within your insurance budget.

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We Believe in Providing Comprehensive Flooring Services

CCA Commercial Floors & Interiors serves various industries by delivering our own brand of customer service to our clients. We value adaptability; so you have access to several flooring suppliers. Our team believes in quality workmanship; so they are certified and trained by the Certified Floorcovering Installers Association (CFI). Our reputation is built on our commitment to those ideals. To schedule a consultation, give CCA Commercial Floors & Interiors a call today.

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