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Trust CCA Commercial Floors & Interiors to Get the Job Done

CCA Commercial Floors & Interiors believes in presenting our clients with as many options as we can. We know some floor types won’t work for your business. In some cases, no traditional flooring materials will be safe to use in your building. Fortunately, our sales and installation teams install specialty flooring in Alexandria, VA buildings where innovation and extra care are needed. Each of our installers is certified and trained by the Certified Floorcovering Installers Association (CFI) and brings that expertise along with them to the job. Our team is perfectly-suited to install unique and highly-specialized surfaces in your building.

McCormick Flooring Design

Specialty Floors Cover a Broad Spectrum of Applications

When hardwood, carpet, ceramic and stone, resilient, or access flooring don’t work, CCA Commercial Floors & Interiors offers a wide range of specialty flooring alternatives that get the job done. Whether you need a floor for a basketball court or weight room, or you’re joining CCA Commercial Floors & Interiors in the fraternity of environmentally-conscious companies, we can help you. Our company enables you to achieve LEED-certified status, which in turn makes you eligible for tax benefits. We install specialty floors in a variety of types and for many applications. We offer:

  • Floors composed of recycled auto tires
  • Anti-fatigue flooring in recreational facilities
  • Sustainable floors
  • Indoor/outdoor mats made of a variety of Green materials
  • Customized logo mats
  • And more

Contact CCA Commercial Floors & Interiors

CCA Commercial Floors & Interiors is proud to present a fantastic array of specialty products to our clients. We value adaptability at our company, coming prepared for each job and knowing what your property requires. That often includes the use of specialized equipment to avoid disturbing your business, like lifts that raise modular furniture off the ground, so you don’t have to move things around. We also handle every facet of your project, from beginning to end. To learn more about CCA Commercial Floors & Interiors, give us a call today.